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For the student with the highly variable scores, the lower scores were used to select passage level in order to guarantee that the material would not be too difficult.
375-80) consists of a translation of a select passage from Pratapasimha's play in Nevari.
Burnham offers a stirring, erudite, and deeply poetic treatment of around fifty select passages as a culmination of some three decades of thought and discussion.
While the localization of the Euphratean Zalpa is not affected, the author's reading of two select passages as not referring to the northern Zalpa/Zalpuwa is not convincing (pp.
It's hard to praise this book too much and even more difficult to select passages for quotation: one wants to quote the entire book.
Spiritually rugged souls will even read books about the Bible or at least page-a-day reflections on select passages.
In doing so, Sayre enlists the help of select passages from the Philebus which, he shows, not only clears up the troublesome Statesman passage but helps the metaphysical foundations of the dialogue to more clearly emerge.
He then gives a complete synopsis of each piece, quoting select passages and discussing sources and influences.
Four individuals will read select passages from A Voluptuous God and speak on what was personally spiritually relevant or meaningful for them.
In light of Jesus' silence on the subject, black pastors, like others who reject lesbian and gay believers, select passages they believe support their culturally bound perspective on homosexuality, just as white Christians used scripture to justify their support of slavery and other atrocities against blacks.
Amidon, The Panarion of Epiphanius: Select passages (Oxford 1990).
In Slide Piece, an authoritative male voice describes select passages of the image in exactingly formal terms but frequently draws metaphoric associations--a shadow resting behind a car is likened to a flower pot, a knot of tree branches is seen as a jellyfish.