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A computer-generated, random drawing chooses selectees for diversity visas.
Following the Army's participation in nearly a decade of simultaneous and continuous operations, the policies of OPMS 3 were revised, and its implementation dramatically altered the demographics of SLC selectees and student body.
Automatic Selectee lists) are in some cases only subsets of the TSDB.
In a few moments, the next potential selectee would stand where he stood.
The selectee is nominated and unanimously chosen by former recipients of the Hard Hat Award.
He is a frequent contributor to Air Force Journal of Logistics publications and is a selectee for the Marine Corps Command and Staff College.
We used to have to go through and reconcile the Watchlist with the selectee list--a document that can run up to 110 pages.
The CAPPS II system is used to determine whether a passenger is a selectee or non-selectee for heightened security checks.
To avoid the crooks, be wary of offers that request financial information or up-front payment, give guarantees, or claim that you are a finalist or selectee for a scholarship.
29) An offer of a commission will be withdrawn if a selectee fails the bar exam twice, or if a selectee is found to have a non-waiveable medical condition that disqualifies him from service.
Bennett, a selectee for chief petty officer who came to a Norfolk Naval Station loading dock to claim four cases for his crew on the submarine Montpelier, agreed:
A recent testing selectee is an Anti-Jam GPS Antenna System from Raytheon Systems Limited (RSL) of the UK.