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The Office of Education will assist in working with the selectees for new approaches given their capabilities and priorities, said Donald James, associate administrator for NASA s Office of Education.
A computer-generated, random drawing chooses selectees for diversity visas.
Following the Army's participation in nearly a decade of simultaneous and continuous operations, the policies of OPMS 3 were revised, and its implementation dramatically altered the demographics of SLC selectees and student body.
This one board alone will assist you during the rest of your military career," CSM Clark said to the potential selectees before the board.
He is a frequent contributor to Air Force Journal of Logistics publications and is a selectee for the Marine Corps Command and Staff College.
We used to have to go through and reconcile the Watchlist with the selectee list--a document that can run up to 110 pages.
The CAPPS II system is used to determine whether a passenger is a selectee or non-selectee for heightened security checks.
To avoid the crooks, be wary of offers that request financial information or up-front payment, give guarantees, or claim that you are a finalist or selectee for a scholarship.
29) An offer of a commission will be withdrawn if a selectee fails the bar exam twice, or if a selectee is found to have a non-waiveable medical condition that disqualifies him from service.
Bennett, a selectee for chief petty officer who came to a Norfolk Naval Station loading dock to claim four cases for his crew on the submarine Montpelier, agreed:
A training agreement will be developed for the selectee to provide the necessary training in order for the individual to train towards and be promoted into the target position upon meeting all requirements.
Congratulations to the following Supply enlisted personnel who were selected as alternates and who may be contacted to convert to submarines if a primary selectee is unable to report as assigned: