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Representatives of the SEC, members of the FASB Advisory Council and other appropriate constituent groups reviewed these qualities with the hope of eliciting candidates for the selection committee to consider.
With this backdrop, At Home in the Universe launches its challenge to the standard dogma, asserting that selection is only part of the story, that "Self-organization may be the precondition of evolvability itself.
The patient selection criteria may reflect not only the scarce supply of donors but also the research agenda of some transplant programs.
Once program managers rank the selection criteria, they can move on to the actual selection process.
The ASSIST tool was used by Program Executive Officer Command, Control, Communications Tactical for the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Cluster five-source selection evaluation board.
Media coverage of the horse race and campaign tactics, instead of information on candidate positions, dominates the selection process to such an extent that it appears as though the outcome of an election is decided before a single vote is cast.
So, could disruptive selection have contributed to today's rainbow of birds?
But some librarians, inspired perhaps by the successes of state projects such as OhioLINK and GALILEO and concerned by the mass of inchoate information available on the Web, assert that money is a decreasing concern in the business of selection.
The evidence indicates that recurrent selection methods are effective for improving maize population performance, but it is not clear which of the recurrent selection methods are the most efficient.
Past compilers of ex-slave narrative selections have offered useful contributions only insofar as they have felt obliged to research and to explain in some detail the nature of the original project.
Thus, to see good and evil as so essential to each other, as they are in natural selection, must scandalize the mind, for the goods and evils cancel out and all value is undermined.