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During the Olympics, selection criteria for swimming was also brought into question with Kamau and Abdalla missing out on the Summers Games with Hamdan Bayusuf and Talisa Lanoe representing the country.
Another research was conducted by Saad (2012), which again confirms that quality of service provided by the bank is the most important factor as a selection criteria for a customer.
2 The conduct of undergraduates is not significantly influenced by the selection criteria.
The weighting of the system selection criteria would determine the preferred option when deciding how to get to work.
The final possibility is that it does meet all of our selection criteria, we have heard of it, but we have been reluctant to add it to our list because the product is sold in a way that makes it difficult for a dog owner to reach the company.
The selection criteria are those discussed in earlier paper [16] such as speed, cost certainty, time certainty, price competition, quality, risk avoidance in terms of time slippage, and risk avoidance in terms of cost slippage.
This proposal was announced in May 2008 to all staff including union representatives, and Identified the following selection criteria for redundancy: skills, experience, quality/quantity, flexibility, teamwork/attitude, timekeeping, attendance and length of service.
Because the blocks served only as a form of replication in this study, expected response values for identical harvest selection criteria were averaged for Blocks 1 and 2, reducing the total number of selection criteria to 70.
The selection criteria for root complex, switch, endpoints and bridges components are driven by data bandwidth, system architecture and usage model considerations.
However, selection criteria for suppliers extend beyond just these two supplier attributes.
In addition to the initial coordination conducted during the project nomination process, detailed project site selection criteria are assessed during the site surveys.
What selection criteria can be used for electronic resources?