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The traces in population under selection ran toward the breeding goals, as intended with the selection index.
A selection of material using a novel type decision-making method: preference selection index method, Materials & Design 31(4): 1785 -1789.
Dr Roden says in the current issue of Sheep Farmer, "We would expect the use of any selection index which includes lamb growth as a goal to have a similar effect on lamb birth weight and we believe this slight increase in birth weight will be beneficial in most flocks.
When relative weights were given, all observations were standardized and multiplied with the given weights to calculate a selection index before selection.
DE AG is listed in the Prime Standard Segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN DE 0005296503) and a constituent of the technology selection index TecDAX.
The higher breeding values for the USA lines after 1999 are probably linked to the introduction of the foot and leg composite selection index to allow for greater selection of this trait in breeding animals starting in 2000 (Shook, 2006).
However, on a year-to-date basis, the MSCI Security Selection Index was the worst performing Process Group Index with a -0.