selection of words

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The selection of words would hardly lend itself to the sending of general messages.
Before you complain about that sentence reading a random selection of words - remember at least one - if not a bunch of those acts will be huge next year.
His deep thoughts, mixed with his fine selection of words, made him for many generations the window of poetry and literature.
But the selection of words should be appropriate, so that opposition parties and pseudo-seculars do not get any opportunity.
A selection of words pertaining to Alice Through the Looking Glass, mostly Chapter 8, are included.
The journalists should be more cautious in selection of words while reporting health issues and diseases', said Dr Altaf.
The following selection of words with synonyms will illustrate the manner by which the student can easily multiply total word mastery.
The easily understandable selection of words makes this glossary distinct from the conventional glossaries available in market which contains hard to understand jargons and students in most of the cases shelf them after failure in getting their purpose served; the selection of content is based on relevance, importance and objectivity.
Haller further notes the body of scholarship criticizing Florio's dictionary for flaws ranging from typographical errors to missing or incorrect citations of sources to an arbitrary selection of words (xx-xxi).
Dylan began by using metaphors, in his very specific selection of words, to create montages of sounds with images.
The candidate's good selection of words in his poems will have dramatic impacts on voters, said Al-Kandari.
A simple touch of a button or screen can bring your child to a whole new selection of words.