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The results in this study indicate that the OGC algorithm can be used effectively for the long-term selection program of any closed population.
These properties are able to be fine tuned in a salt selection program, which gives the drug developer much more flexibility in designing the optimum new pharmaceutical.
This stage, when the performance criteria are identified and the predictors are chosen, is necessary for the further validation of the selection program.
Silex unveiled its Internet-based silencer sizing and selection program, which is available through the company's secure website, three years ago.
The Craft Winery Selection program, intended for emerging and small Ontario wineries, is a key component of the Ontario Wine Strategy and is designed to help Ontario wines compete successfully for their share of the Ontario market.
This will improve the efficiency of the selection program because size differences between animals will primarily be due to genetic, rather than age effects.
After we had cast a wide net to persuade recruits to apply, we instituted a rigorous selection program that eliminated those who didn't have the right stuff.
The Erie, PA-based company's solution was a standardized tool selection program from Sandvik Coromant Co.
The Australian Yachting Federation has also nominated the Series as part of the selection program for the 2001 Admirals Cup in the Farr 40 One Design class.
While most of NASA's 137 current astronauts are between the ages of about 30 and the late 50s, there is no upper age limit, said Duane Ross, manager of NASA's astronaut selection program at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
The Service designed a Large Business Examination Classification and Selection Program (LBECS) as part of the LBEP.
The resulting system should be more than a materials selection program (ref.