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Children with selective mutism who can speak to some extent in public situations may have a better prognosis than those who do not.
The prevalence of selective mutism is not well known because of the furtive nature of the disorder and lack of literature regarding this population.
Anderson becomes VP of Brokerage Underwriting and joined Selective in 2010 as a segment manager for its Contractors Strategic Business Unit (SBU).
Caton, who joined Selective in 2015 as assistant vice president, Property Claims, has previously served as associate manager of Property Claims for North and South Carolina for Travelers Insurance.
Synopsis: Often baffling to parents, teachers, and some therapists, the social anxiety disorder known as selective mutism prevents children from moving toward normal social communication, critical in the school-age years.
In 1997, MacMullin first joined Selective as an underwriter trainee and spent 14 years with the firm in several leadership positions.
In 1980 the United States reinstated the Selective Service System in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
These authors show that because low-income high achievers rarely apply to selective colleges, there are many more low-income high achievers than admissions staff thought.
based property and casualty firm Selective Insurance Group, Inc.
AUTOMATED SELECTIVE SOLDERING is a' viable approach to enhance the affordability of certain electronics manufacturing operations.
For many years, selective mutism was considered to be a very rare disorder amongst individuals, and little attention was given to this particular disorder.