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In the case of Mr S, five procedures were planned for, including right hemimandibulectomy, selective neck dissection, fibular free flap reconstruction, pectoralis major flap reconstruction and tracheostomy.
Supraomohyoid neck dissections (Levels I-III) is widely accepted as the appropriate selective neck dissection for patients with oral cavity cancer and a clinically negative neck.
Prospective randomized study of selective neck dissection versus observation for N0 neck of early tongue carcinoma.
Selective neck dissection (IIA, III): a rational replacement for complete functional neck dissection in patients with N0 supraglottic and glottic squamous carcinoma.
I had a selective neck dissection operation last December and I was warned it might end up being a radical neck dissection, depending on what they found when I was on the operating table.
A loss of cutaneous sensation after selective neck dissection is also related to the sacrifice of the sensory cervical root branches.
Selective neck dissection refers to preservation of lymph node groups commonly uninvolved.
Modifications of neck dissection like Selective Neck Dissection preserving non-lymphopathic structures for the management of the N0 neck was introduced to decrease the morbidity of more traditional modified radical neck dissections.
5 days of hospital stay for selective neck dissection, anterior type of selective neck dissection was the shortest average about four days of admission.

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