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I mean, so, he empathises with the Pakistani people, and he wants to see the Pakistani government go after these groups less selectively.
Microvasculature can be selectively damaged using dye lasers: A basic theory and experimental evidence in human skin.
If you need access to data stored in this online archive, you can still access the data directly, and/or selectively restore some of the data to the archive database.
The SEC requires that in such a case the company "must publicly disclose the information promptly after it knows (or is reckless in not knowing) the information selectively disclosed was both material and nonpublic.
HT] stage could work as well at selectively enhancing peroxide bleaching as pre-treating the stock with a Q stage.
Stereocol resins can be selectively tinted red to highlight specific portions of an SL model.
By controlling such factors as hole spacing, comments Roy Sambles of the University of Exeter in England, it may be possible to create optical filters that selectively transmit certain wavelengths with no diffractive effects.
In their ranks are the old-timers who were selectively cutting long before Maine started a tree farm program in 1952.
British Airways is the recipient of the 500th new aircraft painted with the Desothane(R) selectively strippable aircraft exterior coatings system by PPG Industries' (NYSE:PPG) aerospace coatings group.
The company's new "Solid Imager" creates models from layers of selectively cured photosensitive resins, using either gas or solid-state lasers.
But in principle they could act as sensors for any type of molecule that will bind selectively tothe surface - for instance, specific kinds of antibodies, antigens, cells, or other molecules.
Using distinct HIF-PH inhibitors with unique pharmacodynamic profiles, FibroGen seeks to selectively harness and direct HIF-mediated biological pathways in different tissues to address organ-specific tissue damage and pathophysiologies.

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