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Because of this selectiveness, Merced's attorneys argue, the ordinance should not be deemed a "neutral law of general applicability," which the Supreme Court has said passes First Amendment muster even if it bans an activity central to someone's religion.
190) Instead of framing the selectiveness of the waiver as only a waiver to a third party, perhaps the Federal Circuit can see this waiver as a very narrow subject matter waiver, that of only (but all) opinion letters referencing the opinion of counsel as to non-infringement.
Here also, representative selectiveness would be overwhelmingly necessary.
It is evident that this may provide at the same time optimal selectiveness, certainty and sensitivity of the sensory organs under investigation, as it is expressed, for instance, in the fundamental psychophysical law (WeberFechner law).
Here, the Media, Religion, and Culture perspective understands media not simply as transmitters of information, but as a selective construction of the meaning of the world we live in, a selectiveness that exists by discovering the interests and desires of the audience.
A bullish Freddie Shepherd defended Newcastle United's purchasing policy last night and insisted the club's new-found selectiveness in the transfer market bodes well for a brighter future at St James's Park.
Haneke of the selectiveness of memory, the fragmentary nature of
A further difficulty for the writer lies in the frustrating discovery that total scope is never an option so that, even at her most creative, she must aim for selectiveness, thus subjecting herself to inevitable 'interruptions and irrelevancies and confusions of material'.
The Tory party believed in improved efficiency and market freedom, but the selectiveness with which such concepts were applied exposed their political vindictiveness to the coal industry.
52) They see the potential for government abuse in all stages of the criminal justice system: political pandering by the legislature, misconduct by the police, selectiveness and vindictiveness by prosecutors, arbitrariness and bias by judges, harsh and inhumane conditions in prisons, and so forth.
Meaningful narratives require selectiveness and tinkering.