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Continuing growth in the retail segment will serve to diversify portfolio mix, and allow the bank to leverage on its first mover's advantage by being able to exercise a high degree of selectiveness in terms of retail exposures taken.
Coombs claimed that his client's selectiveness was proof he had no "evil intent" to harm America and tried to get online chat logs entered into evidence for Manning's trial, which is due to begin March 6.
Phillips and Madden exemplify respectively the "omnivorous" approach of historians and the selectiveness of literary scholars and art historians, and Prescott laments the time spent (again and again) on the same literary codices, when millions of rolls, charters and the like are neglected.
Each of us by nature sees the whole world from one point of view with a perspective and a selectiveness peculiar to himself.
Additionally, Petraeus failed to adopt an analytical system for intelligence because of his selectiveness.
the mechanism should "avoid bringing about political difficulties, or some kind of selectiveness between Member States";
The high level of selectiveness when choosing a bed site, with no apparent effect on fawn survival, does not entirely rule out neither of the two bed-site selection hypotheses, i.
When it comes to punches or strategic discounts, selectiveness and timing often trump quantity.
Identity is the result of the interaction between these two relations, and it has to be narrated, which implies selectiveness, a point of view, and an interpretation.
to teach the bard with too elastic a selectiveness that one detects creative power by its capacity to eliminate detachment; that while it may have more elasticity than logic, it knows where it is going: it flies along in a straight line like electricity and devastates those areas that boast of their remoteness (Becoming 265)
This item provides flexibility similar to that provided from the interest item - you can filter the result with varying degrees of selectiveness while doing your best to limit the tendency of voters to over-report their voting behavior.