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Based on these ideas, it was hypothesized that exposure to skewed gender ratios in media narratives would affect selectivity for romantic or sexual partners and romantic confidence.
The durability of the diamond support material provides significant versatility in analysis, and delivers selectivity advantages where these conditions are required for separation.
i]) was used to calculate a selectivity curve for each mesh size (Millar and Holst, 1997).
Even at low doses of STIM1, the unmutated channel lost its normally high calcium selectivity, allowing the entry of multiple types of ions.
Probably the most commonly-used measure of college selectivity is the Barron's index, published every year in the Barron's Guide to the Most Competitive Colleges.
2000, Goff 2002) and a previous study assessed the selectivity of the commercial dredge configured with 89 mm rings (NEFSC 2004).
Selectivity of the ISE was checked by comparison with chloride concentrations measured by coulometric titration on a Model 925 chloride analyzer (Corning).
High selectivity of colleges means that students who do not receive a quality K-12 education do not stand a chance at going to a prestigious university.
The "Admission Wizard" section at the front helps readers identify schools that fit certain criteria: selectivity, region, cost, size.
Serine dusters' high stability and selectivity have convinced the researchers that left-handed serine must have forced its chemical siblings to follow its lead.