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The addition of Pd increased selectivity to acetic acid to approximately 80% and completely oxidized CO to CO2 as evidenced by the patents of Karim et al.
Experimental studies of the dependence of the selectivity of low- (Filmtec, Hydranautics) and medium-pressure (OPMN-P, ESPA-1) membranes on pH are presented in Fig.
In contrast, Clariant's StyroMax UL3 catalyst has been proven to offer superior activity as well as enhanced selectivity at ultra-low SHR conditions (1.
Results showed that the changes in DNA can be measured at very high sensitivity and selectivity by using the produced biosensor.
The effect of gender ratios in media content on audience partner selectivity likely occurs as a function of selective priming and script activation.
Hierarchical pore design minimizes selectivity loss.
Food selectivity involves eating a narrow range of foods on a consistent basis (Williams & Foxx, 2008).
The carbonized membranes are said to have good selectivity with adequate flow and very good stability.
Incorporation of PBI resulted in improvements in gas separation performance of polyimides caused by the increase in chain packing density and hindrance in segmental mobility of polyimide chains and its consequent effects on diffusivity selectivity (20),(21).
EFMA07 used a speed-dating paradigm to explore the interaction of romantic selectivity and reciprocity.
In [6, 7], the single mode resonator achieves high selectivity by cross-coupling technology.