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Thou wouldst thy self, no doubt, And boldly venture to whatever place Farthest from pain, where thou mightst hope to change Torment with ease, & soonest recompence Dole with delight, which in this place I sought; To thee no reason; who knowst only good, But evil hast not tri'd: and wilt object His will who bound us?
wherefore but in hope To dispossess him, and thy self to reigne?
My object was attained, as of course my other self in there would have heard everything that passed.
Had my second self taken the poor wretch by the throat?
Through all these crowded excited months, Bertha's inward self remained shrouded from me, and I still read her thoughts only through the language of her lips and demeanour: I had still the human interest of wondering whether what I did and said pleased her, of longing to hear a word of affection, of giving a delicious exaggeration of meaning to her smile.
My chief feeling was satisfaction that her inner self was once more shut out from me; and I almost revelled for the moment in the absent melancholy that made me answer her at cross purposes, and betray utter ignorance of what she had been saying.
The second is, to reserve to a man's self a fair retreat.
It is I, the modern, who look back across the centuries and weigh and analyze the emotions and motives of Big-Tooth, my other self.
In reality he was wide-eyed awake and merely under the nightroaming compulsion of his early self.
Ever hearkeneth the Self, and seeketh; it compareth, mastereth, conquereth, and destroyeth.
A man's subconscious self is not the ideal companion.
And now her lot was beginning to have a still, sad monotony, which threw her more than ever on her inward self.