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Few pretty actresses have so thoroughly discarded their vanity in an outright vanity piece as Jenny McCarthy does in "Dirty Love," so it's unfortunate for her this exercise in comic self-abnegation, which she wrote for herself, falls so awfully flat.
Monelle and her sisters are figures paradoxically true to their nature but refusing self-knowledge ('Ne connais pas toi-meme'), obstinately pursuing a dream but living in the moment, some embodiments of self-abnegation and pity, others of cruelty and egoism.
Once again, Munoz Fernandez attributes this success to the beata's ability to demonstrate self-abnegation and obedience to her superiors.
The Mayor's press secretary, played with slack-jawed self-abnegation by Richard Kind, is perfectly qualified for the job: gullible enough actually to believe Flaherty's cover stories but always prepared to debase himself to protect his superiors.
The raster paintings intuited this future, pointing down a path of radical self-abnegation by replacing disegno with iteration.
As the onion peel of character revelation is stripped away, the pain initiated by Reggie and fostered by her unbelieving mother is seen to have led Michelle to total self-abnegation as a crack-addicted hooker.
The nurse embodies feminine ideals of compassion and self-abnegation, 'doing' for others at the expense of her own vital powers.
Conceived as an "excavation" of the artist's studio, the show gave the impression that, for Monahan, self-abnegation has periodically given way to an anything-goes spontaneity grounded less in the metaphysical search for the first principles of the human form than in the sheer physical energies of object making.
Erlynne occupies the moral high ground not just through sheer force of character -- the extent of her self-abnegation is quite astonishing, even for the Victorians -- but through the statuesque Redgrave's robust occupancy of a stage that ends up reducing Richardson to near-amateur status: a mother making unwitting mockery of her daughter in a narrative that insists on the reverse.
She reaches a high of sorts whenever they induce in her a fervid state of self-abnegation, often accompanied by extreme loneliness, hunger and cold.
An art that gives nothing more of itself than its own guilty self-abnegation as art has little more appeal than one that measures up only to its bricks or concepts.
Whelan went on, as if possessed by some demon of self-abnegation, to confirm all that I had said about Col.