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Together, this duo of unlikely girlfriends produce a dynamic reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes, particularly when one contrasts Agnes' contemplative albeit self-absorbed musings to Trout's more practical and simple realism-based approach to life.
Wherever did they get this motley collection of self-absorbed weirdos?
But in Christopher Brain's too-gentle new novel, frustrated playwrights, cutting critics, and self-absorbed actors inspire only empathy and good-natured ribbing from the author of Father of Frankenstein the novel on gay director James Whale that became the Oscar-winning film Gods and Monsters.
Awash in 35 years of moral hypocrisy and therapeutic zealot ry, a confused and self-absorbed baby-boom generation today perpetuates the dynamics of violence, even when it purports to do the opposite through a frenzy of legislation, media campaigns, and character curriculums" (insight magazine, August 7, 2000).
Self-absorbed, the girls loll, slump, or lie around, trying out attitudes and positions.
Slightly better was Powell's Ascension, in which three male beach boys toss their teasing female love machine (the always-impressive Desiree Vlad) into the wings so they can continue their self-absorbed dance.
OK, I'll admit it: I've known more than a few libertarians who were self-absorbed and self-indulgent, sometimes painfully so.
Boomers - and we're all alike, of course - were overindulged as children, which led us to become hopelessly self-absorbed and self-centered.
The movie follows Paul (Paige, best-known for his work on ``Queer As Folk''), a self-absorbed, reality-challenged gay man whose world is shattered when his best friends move to Japan, taking the joy of Paul's life, his 2-year-old godson, halfway across the world with them.
In alternating chapters, Toni V and Pelly D leave their self-absorbed innocence behind as they each begin to recognize the hate and distrust in the world around them.
Even a self-absorbed teenager could picture the infamous summer day n &.
Our favourite piece of PR is an interview she did for a Sunday newspaper filled with the old puffed up, self-absorbed Martha we grew to hate.