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She claimed that even though she sounded like a self-absorbed diva on a 'woe-is-me' tangent, but the reality is that she was solely focusing on the record, wanting them to hear it and experience it the right way.
It is a game of various egoists, cynics, self-absorbed and dishonest demagogues that lie frequently.
The problem with social networking sites is that they are aimed at self-absorbed, image-conscious teens and students.
As the documentary progresses we discover how much of our privacy can be invaded but perhaps more interesting we see just how paranoid and self-absorbed this man on the run is.
The above revelations are honest-to-goodness Facebook postings from friends - if I still have any after they read today's column - who have enthusiastically embraced this 24-7 tool of self-absorbed messages and musings, where everyone who registers can share what's on their minds, who's new in their lives, how much they love or loathe Sarah Palin, whether they plan to attend a town hall meeting and shriek about health care reform, etc.
WHEN the chemistry is right, or at least one of the four dinner party hosts is a self-absorbed figure of fun, Come Dine With Me (Channel 4, last night) can be very entertaining viewing.
THE ACCEPTED view of young managers being self-absorbed, disloyal and impatient was yesterday exposed as a myth.
With Max's mac not keeping him comfy during the burial of poor Marge, he's back to his grumpy, self-absorbed, diabolical self.
Noel Coward's classic comedy throws us into the Bliss's country home where Judith, a self-absorbed retired stage actress, lives with her self-absorbed novelist husband David (Christopher Timothy) and their similarly self-absorbed children Simon (William Ellis) and Sorel (Madeleine Hutchins).
The boy sits beside his self-absorbed mother, a woman who is in the throes of making a life decision which will have extreme--and negative--consequences for the rest of the boy's life.
Previously managed by Hand, the crew's flaws are destructive under his successor, the self-absorbed First Officer Gorgas.