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On the one hand, the image of three women merging into a great eucalyptus tree, in Image # 5 (Headingly Staff, Headingly Station and Tree), 1994, is a chronicle of European self-absorption and exploitation.
The intensity of its mental suffering and self-absorption has completely spiritualized it.
What you thought you saw in those paintings--the stiff self-absorption of so many dried-flower arrangements--now disintegrates into shapes and forms and images of less determinate origin: just splotches and brushstrokes really, sinking, dreamlike, under all those layers of egg-tempera glaze.
The episode picks up right where Season 5 left off, for Hannah: She publishes a "Modern Love" column about Jessa and Adam's relationship ("Losing My Best Friend To My Ex-Boyfriend") in The New York Timesa triumph that she follows by treating her next writing projectabout a surf camp retreat in the Hamptons attended by mostly wealthy, white, middle-aged housewives, for whom surfing is the new yogawith characteristic laziness and self-absorption.