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O'Hara's performance is pretty keenly observed, but Hollywood self-absorption parodies are a dime a dozen these days, and one of the nice things about this show was it was based in Los Angeles and wasn't obsessed with the entertainment industry.
EVERYweek millions of Americans eagerly inhale the confused, addled ravings of an over-the-hill rock star and his terribly spoiled offspring as if stupidity and self-absorption were touchstones of family entertainment.
On the one hand, the image of three women merging into a great eucalyptus tree, in Image # 5 (Headingly Staff, Headingly Station and Tree), 1994, is a chronicle of European self-absorption and exploitation.
By the end of the second two hours, however, it's obvious: The show itself is lapsing into self-parody, as the harsh realities of the 1880s collide violently with contemporary self-absorption.
The intensity of its mental suffering and self-absorption has completely spiritualized it.
The latest, formally overcontrolled look at misguided genius, obnoxious self-absorption and the hilariously poignant need to connect from director Wes Anderson (``Rushmore''), ``Tenenbaums'' charts the misfortunes of a grown-up trio of child prodigies (Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Luke Wilson) who, their glory days long gone, all move back into their mother's (Anjelica Huston) home.
What you thought you saw in those paintings--the stiff self-absorption of so many dried-flower arrangements--now disintegrates into shapes and forms and images of less determinate origin: just splotches and brushstrokes really, sinking, dreamlike, under all those layers of egg-tempera glaze.
The foulmouthed spunkiness that was so winning in ``Erin Brockovich'' devolves here into a kind of shrill self-absorption.
Given the epic levels of self-absorption among this bunch, knowing anything about anyone else may be the toughest task to date.
As the world capital of self-absorption, Hollywood has always been fascinated with psychotherapy, a tendency that may have peaked during the Swingin' '60s, says ``President's Analyst'' producer Stanley Rubin.
It really saved me from sinking into a solemnistic quagmire of self-absorption,'' he says.
The episode picks up right where Season 5 left off, for Hannah: She publishes a "Modern Love" column about Jessa and Adam's relationship ("Losing My Best Friend To My Ex-Boyfriend") in The New York Timesa triumph that she follows by treating her next writing projectabout a surf camp retreat in the Hamptons attended by mostly wealthy, white, middle-aged housewives, for whom surfing is the new yogawith characteristic laziness and self-absorption.