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Emilia's song proclaims her self-absorption or willful narcissism; she appears isolated and independent from the company of the brigata.
Only such institutions can serve as an adequate defense against the onslaught of the bobo troops, conscripted into mercenary service in the armies of the new "global" economic order, whose military virtues are a combination of acquisitive greed, willed ignorance, and smug self-absorption.
Self-absorption is at the basis of sinful relationship.
Its songs, including the 1996 hit single "Criminal," pondered the desires and choices that arrive with adolescence, and after its release, she was both praised for her frankness and mocked for her self-absorption.
Geissler's recollections of his sister, her relationship with Geissler's manager Alex, and his playing of Tartini's "The Devil's Trill" allow us to recognize the beauty and self-absorption of the artist and to witness both the world he has made in concert halls and his attraction to the common, playing in parks while Alex frets over Geissler's health, safety, and the Stradivarius.
Perhaps with choices comes endless speculation - and self-absorption.
Regarding the Beatles, Hitchcock wrote: "They, more than perhaps anyone else, were responsible for elevating narcissistic self-absorption to the level of a cult, deifying personal and subjective feelings, and establishing self-satisfaction as the principal goal of existence.
The stereotypes about "Generation Xers" in corporate America - their self-absorption, lack of loyalty and unwillingness to "pay their dues" - have been reported widely.
The criticism comes as Noonan joins rest of Republicans in complaining about the president's apparent self-absorption.
Her self-absorption and paralysis can be frustrating, but for herself as much as for the reader.
One thing that is different, and has changed here, is the self-absorption, not just greed.
He added: "One thing that is different, and has changed here, is the self-absorption, not just greed.