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This defect was resolved by Thomas Sloan, an American who patented self-acting machinery.
Linear zed pH stability theory for translatory half-speed whirl of long self-acting gas-lubricated journal bearings.
Unlike matter, with organisms being self-initiating, self-acting and creating, abduction is required.
In particular, Cohen seeks to dissipate the mystery surrounding the self-acting mule and to explain the different receptions accorded to that technology in the two countries.
At Quarry Bank, however, productivity was pushed above the national average by the introduction of self-acting mules and by the replacement of waterframes with Danfortb throstles.
The duration of the contract the Contractor shall provide a weekday dinners in addition to the participants of the Club Self-acting in the House.
And in perfecting the self-acting motion of the hammer (which reduced the need for operator attendance), he relied on his general works manager.
Sub-assembly iLOQ- or similar self-acting products Hmeenlinna, Janakkala, Hattula.