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As the machines were self-acting, one woman was able to attend many of them, thus reducing labour costs whilst increasing output.
Linear zed pH stability theory for translatory half-speed whirl of long self-acting gas-lubricated journal bearings.
Self-acting and control valves will have a high demand because they can be easily monitored, as the pipelines lack human touch points.
Product Segment --Quarter turn valves and self-acting valves are low cost but they occupy X percent of the market share purely due to the volume of usage.
Fernandes leads with a philosophy grounded in the importance of relationships and of developing staff to become self-acting managers.
In 1907, the company achieved a breakthrough with the launch of Persil, the first self-acting detergent.
These contributions have enabled the evolution from handcrafted products ("manu-facturing") to today's self-acting ("automated") production capabilities within complex, but increasingly integrated, manufacturing enterprises.
He succeeded in this most impressively with the world's very first self-acting detergent that put an end to women's washday drudgery.
1907: production of Persil, the world's first self-acting detergent.