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That solicitude for methodological rigor is admirable, except when it veers toward the self-admiring, as when writing off an established scholarly literature with a backhanded "almost entirely atheoretical" (p.
But the life of a gigolo always ends badly" Actor Jack Nicholson "I never watch myself on TV - the way to insanity" Nick Robinson, BBC political editor "All pushy, abrasive, arrogant, self-admiring and under no circumstances to be trusted" Art critic Brian Sewell on TV people "I now have a pacemaker for my heart and they keep on cutting things off me.
That was before everyone realized that the media is filled with incompetent, self-admiring dips--ts who choose stories essentially at random.
Despite the intrusiveness of Maine's self-admiring humor, his archetypal tale of innocence lost can sometimes be compelling.
No one, after all - well, me excepted - likes to speak ill of the dead, but the new Batman is about an hour too long and much too self-admiring.
But a teacher who is dedicated to serving dance, who plays no destructive or cruel power games, nor indulges in self-admiring ego trips, one who has a method and a point of view and can communicate with consistency and caring, always allowing for the students' personal idiosyncrasies in body build and temperament and always demanding growth--that person is rare, and that person I found in Margaret Craske.
Today's Lords of Loud revel in the self-admiring boast that they bring on guests who do not agree with them, and that is quite admirable.
Big Ben in this version is the assistant to the vain Anton, the self-admiring hunk who is determined to marry Beauty.
In one country after another, self-selected and self-admiring men and a few women took their inspiration from the French revolution and Karl Marx.
The self-admiring people who indulge in all this may believe they are performing a valuable service for the Prime Minister, but in fact they are doing the reverse.
Written with a grace, agility, and wit all too rare in many academic productions, his delightfully readable study goes beyond a simple record of the past and throws new light on the Nobel as "a self-admiring mirror of our democratized, secularized modern culture," and also helps shape "our perception of ourselves for better or for worse.

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