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Does Obama represent a departure from the realm of American mythology and its engrained preponderance for self-aggrandizement or a new arrival of the same phenomenon?
But we will not turn a blind eye to self-aggrandizement if we see it.
She then balanced her self-aggrandizement with a self-mocking tone: "Take it from us
So successful was Ramesses II's self-aggrandizement program, reports Van de Meiroop (Ancient Near Eastern studies, U.
Or if these commanders, most especially MacArthur, put self-aggrandizement and private agendas above the safety and best interest of the men they commanded.
When pastors abuse their power for self-aggrandizement or sexual gain, we all suffer.
A biting critique of national self-aggrandizement, written with intelligent passion and a keen sense for pointing out misdirections and half-truths.
Are these people mere showmen whose critiques of society were undertaken for their own self-aggrandizement, and whose whinier successors have now infested the land?
31) This is how we discover that the group has split into two over the issue of how much self-aggrandizement is allowable.
public and the nerdiness and self-aggrandizement of the mathematically gifted.
With his gift for melodrama and self-aggrandizement, the self- proclaimed `special one' may not be to everyone's taste.
And Joseph Dixon, who labored for Rodman and his son John Wanamaker, the department-store kings with friends in the oval office and eyes for self-aggrandizement, helped change the trope from vanishing Indian (Curtis) to first and real American (Indian) as Wanamaker's store became America's store, the nation's warehouse and stage.