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Courbet's unforgettable self-portraits of the 1840s capture his different attitudes and moods, depicting the young artist as a self-assertive hero, a melancholic wanderer, a suffering martyr or a fancy dandy.
Lily learns lessons about the shallowness and bitchiness of the world of the rich and famous and emerges from her summer of slaving away for no appreciation and lots of humiliation sadder, wiser, and more self-assertive for the experience.
Going to the opposite extreme from the blurry vision of Daido Moriyama, his primary influence, Taiji Matsue asserts relentless visibility, dissolving perspective in the glare of sharp outlines and in the accumulation of self-assertive details, to convey a new kind of anti-humanist vision.
You're at your best when you are confident and self-assertive and if you need to stand your ground, you can do so well.
The suggestion is not so much the possibility of being 'taken' by a gazing onlooker--living up to suggestions of beauty as a passive pleasure-machine --but these women's own self-assertive 'taking' of a little bit of what author of the best-selling self-help book Thought Miracles, Rebeckh Burns, inanely calls 'me-time'.
Less self-assertive and more integrative means of thinking might include intuition and synthesis; the values that might direct that thinking are "conservation, cooperation, quality and partnership" (10).
Raman argues that the early modern "discovery" of India contributed definitively to the formation of a "radical" and self-assertive "early modern subjecthood" (129).
Top international athletes have been characterised as strongly in need of success and recognition, highly autonomous and needing to dominate, self-assertive and forthright, loners, and having a very low degree of anxiety.
Thus, the feminist women in Quebec are more likely to adopt a self-assertive definition while those in France are more comfortable with one related to equal rights.
We are not such self-confident, self-assertive people as we once thought we were; we don't know all that we thought that we once knew.
58); "the self-assertive tendency is the dynamic expression of the holon's wholeness, the integrative tendency, the dynamic expression of its partness" (p.
The providers who believed the female condom was an appropriate method for some women typically mentioned as potentially good candidates women with no other options because their male partners refuse condom use, sex workers, women who are HIV-positive, women who are self-assertive and want to be in control, and women who are comfortable with their bodies.