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An introspective allegory about the search for prosperity of the soul, a need that lingers despite fulfilling the needs of the body, LeRoi tracks its self-assured, at times sardonic, yet inwardly incomplete protagonist on a journey of expanded awareness.
Last summer Alice Wu kicked open the celluloid closet door for Chinese-American lesbians with her Woody Allen--esque romantic comedy Saving Face, about the burgeoning relationship between an endearingly neurotic female doctor and her boss's self-assured, beautiful ballerina daughter.
Snowdance is a "calendar" collection of twelve original songs (one for each month of the year), each one of which is presented from the viewpoint of a strong, observant, self-assured child who gives an honest, and sometimes comical, appraisal of the world through a child's perspective.
Yet still Tony Blair remains clothed in his self-assured supremacy.
It takes a reflective and self-assured young person to really comprehend the depth of the gifts of the Spirit and to know how to use them to be a witness to Christ.
Fuller, cocky, self-assured designer-architect-engineer-poet-philosopher-anticipator, who promoted his synergetic view of the world with his technological developments and vision of global unity, is certainly brought down to earth with a bump in this absorbing book.
Munkacsi had an active hand in the creation of the image of the young, ambitious, and self-assured American woman, and he pioneered a new genre, fashion reportage.
I also relate to self-assured misfits coming to grips with life's never-stopping grinder and don't come out jaded, but rather stronger and courageous.
My philosophy is to create a nurturing environment where all students feel confident and self-assured. My hope is to have it carried to the next generation of music makers," she says.
Communities called upon an increasingly self-assured medical profession to diagnose the physical attributes of non-masculinity, in much the same way they would describe the unhealthy, the abnormal, or the insane.
But being dependent on another person to feel good about yourself never leaves you feeling self-assured for the long haul.
Prime Minister Tony Blair, speaking at a press conference in north London on a stage surrounded by his Cabinet, remained self-assured.