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BEIRUT: Gypsy-like and self-assured, Reem Acra's woman is not only glamorous but also rebellious and independent.
Yeah, I'm mostly just learning what I don't like right now and I think I really just need a guy that's self-confident and self-assured and secured in themselves.
She has always come across as confident and self-assured, but the reality is she has the weight of the world on her shoulders and is very shaken.
Due to this, the even more confused and lost Macedonia today is not sure who he is, where he is going and this is result of the "good intentions" of the creators of the self-assured Macedonian.
He was soon back to his self-assured self by adding : "This will be the greatest final we've ever been in.
Act self-assured and when you are around his mates just be yourself.
The first track off the self titled EP, Nid Teledu Oedd Y Bai, is laden with hooks and is delightfully self-assured.
Abbas, who appeared self-assured and upbeat during the exclusive interview, said the Palestinians had no preconditions for talks with Israel but wanted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet his obligations to the "roadmap," which calls for a cessation of construction in the settlements "I spoke to Defense Minister Ehud Barak twice on the phone in recent weeks," Abbas said.
More self-assured than it's been in ages, it is hampered by only one thing - its inhabitants' accent, which is consistently voted England's least attractive.
The first thing that gets you is the voice - smooth and sensual, sexy even, and so self-assured.
Too egalitarian to run in packs behind a leader, each seems self-assured of its own superiority.
Self-assured Josie is first to fall, but after being dumped she alerts others by scrawling a warning in the back of Judy Blume's Forever.