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These three views were named Emerging Teacher (12), Self-Assured Teacher (5), and Determined Teacher (4) (Krysher et al.
BEIRUT: Gypsy-like and self-assured, Reem Acra's woman is not only glamorous but also rebellious and independent.
The judo expert said that she seeks a man who is self-confident, self-assured and has the innate feature to look manly next to her.
Beautiful, self-assured Ifemelu heads for America, where despite her academic success, she is forced to grapple with what it means to be black for the first time.
Some called Perry's signature bold and self-assured.
A STRONG focus on developing self-esteem means that youngsters at a Batley nursery are self-assured and confident.
The 86-year-old said that he was very proud of what the show had achieved and was self-assured that it will entertain the nation for many years to come.
With her distinct look and self-assured demeanor, Khadisha is in it to win it and has no doubt she will catapult to the front of the competition.
Due to this, the even more confused and lost Macedonia today is not sure who he is, where he is going and this is result of the "good intentions" of the creators of the self-assured Macedonian.
He was soon back to his self-assured self by adding : "This will be the greatest final we've ever been in.
Intimina is targeted to savvy, self-assured women who understand the value of a healthy feminine physique and have the confidence to care for themselves properly.
The first track off the self titled EP, Nid Teledu Oedd Y Bai, is laden with hooks and is delightfully self-assured.