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I have the confidence to define for myself what's 'cool' and what's important; Crossroads gave me the gift of self-assuredness, and that is what has truly changed my life.
s scepticism must always win out over Trumper's political self-assuredness.
Through a collection of essays from a variety of contributors whose extensive research has led to a deeply rooted knowledge of the WNIA, this book provides a picture of this group of women who epitomize the self-assuredness of the nationAEs approach to Indian people during this time period--a time during which assimilation policies were being designed to replace Indian cultures, reduce Indian land holdings, and destroy any efforts towards sovereignty by Indian nations.
Great leaders do not need to be perfect, but they need to possess a self-assuredness and fearlessness at all times that enable them to act truthfully, acknowledge their shortcomings, and admit their mistakes.
He responds with self-assuredness that he will not be bested by his "brother in deceit.
We as a church should not fear leaving the security of familiar shores, the peacefulness of the mountaintop of our self-assuredness and walk into the mess," he concluded.
I was nearing the end of residency, the peak of my self-assuredness, and I had a well-honed impatience for any administrator type whose feet had never been dirtied in the clinical trenches.
She and her OtherStuckers - which is what her followers like to call their group - juggle work and family responsibilities without losing that indomitable sang-froid and self-assuredness expected of a seasoned beauty queen.
But to look past him would be to miss his self-assuredness and inner drive.
Within the Welsh economy there is now, he explains, more confi-dence and self-assuredness than four years ago - a stark contrast to the environment here in the 1990s.
He's a guy with a strong vision, and real self-assuredness,'' Danza says.
First, a pervasive, unforeseen trend was revealed in the data; that is, the evident overconfidence demonstrated in participants' self-evaluations on the pretests showed a tendency for a high degree of self-assuredness, particularly on questions where students had no prior exposure or knowledge base.