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Margaret emerges far more powerful than mainstream history reveals, but the protests of regret Bogdan gives her become tedious, as the queen often displays ruthless, self-centered ambition.
Work-related travel: Self-centered leaders will take advantage of desirable or potentially career enhancing travel opportunities.
95), which gathers the 9th collection of Zits comics centering around the self-centered teen's selfish and often one-sided, fun world.
0 CAD-based programming software for CMMs offers new functions, including self-centered scanning, the ability to self-center scan a spline, and creating a cylinder for use as a datum; optimized clearance planes, the ability to control clearance planes relative to the base alignment, machine system or secondary alignments; and Navigation Check, which allows the operator to view the CMM end positions, outer clearance planes, magazine with stylus systems, and rotary table on CAD screen.
Visiting her mother's native country isn't Jasmine's idea of a great summer vacation, especially since it revolves around her mother's volunteer work--but her growing relationship with an Indian girl changes both her life and her self-centered focus.
Rights are at times reduced to self-centered demands: the growth of prostitution and pornography in the name of adult choice, the acceptance of abortion in the name of women's rights, the approval of same-sex unions in the name of homosexual rights," he said.
We must remember because all people can be selfish and self-centered and power hungry.
Yet this universality meant a transcendence of parochial, ethnic, communal and self-centered identities.
Manny Farber, the best writer on film in America or anywhere else, once listed his critical precepts, some of which were: "playing around with words and grammar to get layers and continuation"; "film-centered rather than self-centered criticism"; "giving the audience some uplift.
hegemony in the region, through which Washington tries to impose its self-centered agenda.
Tamra and I agree that the student recognizes that the monster does not reach Maslow's self-actualization level; however it is interesting to note that the monster's behaviors reflect those of one who has attained self-actualization; he ultimately demonstrates autonomy, creativity, and most important, problem- centered rather than self-centered motivation; and, according to Tamra, such behaviors parallel a person with self-actualization.
Offstage, he was a complex construction of contrasts: elegant and coarse, loquacious in his praise and verbally assaultive, outrageously self-centered and impulsively generous, violently explosive and tenderhearted.