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I assure them that their freedom and joy will come in helping others and escaping the self-centeredness of their fearful reactions.
This self-centeredness became both poetry's greatness and its weakness.
From the outsider's view, however, this can be seen as a kind of institutional self-centeredness that tries to disregard changes in the environment.
Self-centeredness has been around for centuries, but it takes modern technology to bring us the selfie, a photo one takes of oneself and usually uploads to Facebook or another social media site.
Evidence that self-centeredness is a big factor came in response to the question: "Why do you live with your parents?
Readers will alternate between shaking their heads at his self-centeredness, laughing at his smart mouth, and reaching for tissues as Richard really learns what it means to grow up.
Necessarily linked with conversion and sin is concupiscence and "original sin," that state of infantile narcissism in which we are born, and out of which we are meant to be transfigured from self-centeredness to other-centeredness.
Manama's insistence on self-centeredness and grip on power delays settlement of the current crisis," Majid Milad told FNA in Manama on Tuesday.
Washington, November 17 ( ANI ): Self-centeredness is good for penguins that huddle together to avoid Antarctica's icy weather.
Michael is also calling for a "declaration of non-violent war on this generation's self-centeredness," pointing out that "we all carry the responsibility of stewardship, like mothers nurturing and delivering the secured health of this planet for future generations, giving birth every moment to our collective legacy.
I always thought how people are blind to see the world," said Katherine Oswalt, 12, a student at Briggs Middle School, of her interpretation of conquering self-centeredness.