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Can we use changes in self-centeredness, selfishness, resentment and spiritual development to predict post-treatment alcohol and drug use rates, quality of life, and 12-Step program involvement?
The outcome sought by such analyses is heightened awareness of the mystery of God as transcendent along with increased resistance by the self to self-centeredness.
inserting plenty of crowd-pleasing shots of Foxx's Ray beaming in victory) in favor of revealing the show-biz legend's potent mix of self-centeredness and charm.
The trouble with pride is that its vanity and self-centeredness destroys all other relationships.
While the thoughts and conversations of each character reveal the extent to which their friendship is limited by acts of betrayal, self-centeredness, and smugness--"And, well, everybody of course knew a lot more than everybody said"--the specific focus is on Johan, a brilliant mathematician but a socially somewhat inept and increasingly confused human being.
During times of crises our self-centeredness prompts us to seek allies as a means of more effective self-defense, in the hope of destroying those whom we believe threaten our identity and existence.
When we do the work of God we transcend human self-centeredness and provide pathways that open others up into a wide world of love.
Jellyby, are blind to the self-centeredness that can masquerade as charity or holiness.
But any reader of An Interpretation of Religion knows that by "the transformation of human existence from self-centeredness to reality-centeredness," I am referring to a radically new orientation centered in the divine reality as mediated to us in our religion.
They inhibited the communication because of self-centeredness and authoritarianism," said Barbora Nevicka, a PhD candidate in organizational psychology, describing a new study she undertook with University of Amsterdam colleagues Femke Ten Velden, Annebel De Hoogh, and Annelies Van Vianen.
Like someone coming out of denial about substance abuse, we can find real hope in working with others who are moving out of destructive self-centeredness into healthier living.
But in the midst of the three cheers for the red, white and blue, Mellencamp addresses the issues of poverty, bigotry and self-centeredness that still plague our country.