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The danger to this person is boredom and confinement in her own self-centred world.
America must understand that Pakistan's self-centred interest is in direct clash with that of the American interest.
The Blood Service had concluded, as a "fact of life", that self-centred citizens would only respond to identifying with some celebrity.
There is not a shadow of doubt, which even the stupidest in our society can surely understand, that our grandchildren will inevitably reap the whirlwind of our present self-centred profligacy.
After all that is said and written about the self-centred behaviour of many in society, what a pleasure it was to witness so many thousands of people, ranging from children in arms to elderly citizens, coming together to take part in the Great Welsh Run in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Appeal.
They are to be found in the rejection of Christianity and its replacement by a self-centred, materialistic worldview that eschews marriage and children, advocates the acceptance of sterile lifestyles through abortion and homosexualism, and then--for economic reasons--"opens the floodgates" to Muslim immigration.
It's hard to love or care about someone so self-centred, but George seems lucky in that his friends and family do just that.
But then he didn't listen to the people's voices a year ago, so why should this arrogant, self-centred man listen to the people of this country when he has sent so many young men to their deaths?
Apart from being a film of a father and daughter with little sentimentality involved, I Used To Be a Filmmaker was also one of the rare cases of the filmmaker appearing as a character in his own movie who wasn't self-centred.
This book is an exhibition catalogue to the recent Out Of The Ordinary exhibition held at Philadelphia Museum of Art and was naturally self-centred -- and I am not defending it.
He had grown up with certain assumptions about his place in the world, about the style of life that he wanted, `assumptions which perhaps are typical of many young men but were highly self-centred and self-important'.
How about, the man is so self-centred, egotistical and you rarely hear anyone in racing say a good word about the guy.