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A wise person isn't motivated or controlled by jealousy and self-centredness (v.
Her relationship with Trish--and, to a lesser extent, with Matt--highlights her self-centredness, making her both a lovable and flawed character.
The question is why have we fallen to such depths of depravity, moral cruelty and self-centredness.
Likewise, add too much self-centredness and this leads to NPD.
The discouragement centres on structures and processes that bind rather than liberate, on self-centredness, lack of honesty and the misappropriate use of power.
It is rarely simply a desire to get rich: as many leading entrepreneurs - including Martha Lane Fox - have said, the image of self-centredness and machismo projected by shows like The Apprentice is neither accurate nor helpful.
In his opinion, Brady has a very severe personality disorder, which Dr Grounds described as "paranoid narcissistic", which is "characterised by superiority, self-centredness, contempt, hostility".
He still had described as "It was "charac self-centredness The tribunal, s for around a wee June after Brady not known if he w Brady and between th Brady last had anti-psychotic medication 10 years ago and Dr Grounds believed he was no longer mentally ill.
Bieber's comments caused a social media storm of outrage on Twitter and Facebook at the teenage heartthrob's self-centredness.
However, characteristics, such as perfectionism, hyper-competitiveness, self-centredness and submissiveness, are much less useful and are indeed not desired - at work, in school and in family life.
Having belief that they understand the present grave situation in Pakistan in the backdrop of failure of the state to ensure protection of lives and properties of the common citizens, observers say it is an offspring of a self-centredness of the incumbent government busy day in and day out to keep firm hold on power.
Our life can be actionpacked and exciting, but it's only by killing off our self-centredness that we become truly alive.