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What Webster dramatizes in this poem is thus not simply the powerful voice of Eulalie, but, ultimately, her voicelessness, made visible by Webster's insistence that Eulalie is not surrounded or "flanked" by auditors, but speaks alone, in the absence of the auditor whose absence is the sole guarantor of her power to speak thus: with self-command and impunity, the worst of truths.
Star (classics, Middlebury College) provides an expanded portrait of ancient Roman self-care by considering how, in the work of rival philosophers Seneca and Petronius, empire in the ancient world structured the self and was internalized in the ideal of self-command.
Smith's descriptive account of people's moral abilities is thus rather pessimistic: he regards the 'bulk of mankind' as quite limited with regard to self-command and epistemic abilities.
But the novel does not simply endorse Elinor's self-command and hidden suffering or condemn Marianne's expressiveness.
Scottish Enlightenment stadial theorists located Indians in the first stage of human development; but fictional Indians could potentially help the British reverse modernization and restore courage, self-command, and generosity--with little benefit to themselves.
While working on her thesis, Akerjordet developed two scales for evaluating her 250 respondents' emotional intelligence-aiming to map out their creativity, self-command, self-knowledge and social skills.
If so, moral judgment, which is totally based on the emotions, amounts to the exercise of self-command in that the agent restrains or commands his original emotion by far-sighted emotion.
Smith writes, "Our sensibility to the feelings of others, so far from being inconsistent with the manhood of self-command, is the very principle upon which that manhood is founded.
El hecho de que para Smith la virtud ya no sea la benevolencia, sino la 'propiedad', le obliga tambien a reconocer --junto a la benevolencia de su maestro-- otro conjunto de virtudes: las del autodominio o self-command.
In short, they will exercise self-command, Smith's preeminent individual virtue.
She demonstrates a kind of active self-control that is new in her character, catalyzed by the shattering of her illusions: "She must not cry in the day-time: nobody should find out how miserable she was, nobody should know she was disappointed about anything; and the thought that the eyes of her aunt and uncle would be upon her, gave her the self-command which often accompanies a great dread" (336-37).
Lorrimer rapes Mary, exactly as he intended, but instead of confirming his self-command, the assault propels him into a nightmare of self-loathing.