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But according to James, the self-confident ritual would take on an entirely different meaning if ( Prince Harry or anyone who is wearing the ring would pull it up and down the finger or even take it on and off.
The scores obtained from the belief in chance subscale of the FCS (p<0.05), the FCS (p<0.01), PSI self-confident approach sub-dimension (p<0.01) and PSI planned approach sub-dimension (p<0.05) by the female patients were significantly higher than were those obtained by the male patients.
In "Raising Independent, Self-Confident Kids: Nine Essential Skills to Teach Your Child or Teen", Wendy Moss (a licensed clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist) and Dr.
Fifty-two previously colonised countries now are self-confident nations.
This is, indeed, a giant leap towards implementation of child rights laws, which would also make these students self-confident youth.
He is chippy, self-confident, can kick goals and has good tactical acumen.
Now he just looks like any other boring, thin, middle-aged man instead of the jolly, self-confident Titan of yesteryear.
But becoming self-confident really is as straightforward as filling your own mind with positive and self-affirming thoughts.
Whereas, Ojas Rajani, Bollywood make-up artiste suggested to be careful while using plum lips and keep the eyes nude because it takes a sexy and self-confident woman to carry off this colour.
Several Saudi girls told Arab News that men don't prefer to marry overly independent and self-confident women.
Chris Huhne is clever, savvy, self-confident and will certainly reinforce a determination to fight his way back.