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Greig Laidlaw is self-confident, chippy, can kick goals and has good tactical acumenRoger Uttley
Yeah, I'm mostly just learning what I don't like right now and I think I really just need a guy that's self-confident and self-assured and secured in themselves.
The most important thing I've learnt from Miss Lebanon competitor is that a lady should always be self-confident and dignified," 27-year-old Miss Jordan Lara Abdel-Allat told the Egyptian Mail on the penultimate day of the competition.
By pampering them, I'm making them look and feel better and helping them to be more self-confident.
Morocco, a country of proud and self-confident people, will never go down on its knees, he said.
Unleashing the Power of Parental Love: 4 Steps to Raising Joyful & Self-Confident Kids" is a guide for parents that gives them the most simple and profound advice they can have in raising happy children--the power of letting them know they are loved.
The approach is self-confident, sophisticated and at the same time playful, guided by a lively landscape of art and culture.
THESE self-confident lads (above) were members of the first under-13 football team from St Augustine's Roman Catholic School the year the school opened in 1960/61.
We agree with the SNP that Scotland is smart enough and self-confident enough to go it alone.
Just remember that, even if others look very self-confident, underneath they're probably just as scared as you are.
First Minister Rhodri Morgan, as befits a man who has been the effective leader of the nation for six-and-a-half years, says the development of a more self-confident Wales has become something of a mantra for him.
Moving charismatically from self-confident to pathetically devastated, Bening makes Deirdre a bewitching presence, one you want to love (or somehow make love you) as much as you want to flee from.