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I've always been quite self-conscious, so that's why I've decided to do them myself.
Kieron is quite a vain boy and he is self-conscious about his acne - that was why he used sunbeds.
The last thing you want to do is make matters worse, yet adolescents are naturally self-conscious about their bodies.
Deborah, aged 36, who gave birth to Arthur two weeks ago, admits that when her older son Felix, now aged three, was a newborn, she felt self-conscious when she stopped to breastfeed in cafes, even though it can be done with complete discretion.
Any woman my age is going to be self-conscious about their body.
Described, tellingly, as "a show of signs," it was characterized by an austere visual elegance and a self-conscious acknowledgment of an ideological schism that might once have led to its categorization (or condemnation) as radical chic.
For the rest of us, this book is worth exploring if you're curious, find satisfaction in pondering the puzzling relationship of art and meaning and are willing to put up with an undulating path that moves through self-conscious and sometimes thickly academic language to a clear and sometimes passionate appreciation of the music chosen for scrutiny.
His expression is natural and full of thought, instead of a self-conscious smile.
Unfortunately, he contends, it is a bad thing that the US is largely not self-conscious of itself as an empire and is therefore unable to learn from the achievements and failures of past empires and is likely to remain non-self-conscious for the foreseeable future.
He used to go to the gym, but said he felt really self-conscious because there were mainly adults there.
The first of three chapters takes up the least self-conscious of three types of historical comparisons--the broad tendency to set the South apart from the rest of the United States, which Kolchin calls the "un-South.
Forget what you think you know about self-conscious straight women who keep track of every pound they lose or gain.