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NEW-FOUND CONFIDENCE Catherine Tyldesley used to be too self-conscious to dance
It was practical because it held wallet, phone and passport but I was so self-conscious of looking a prat that I carried it in my hand rather than wearing it around my waist.
"I've always been quite self-conscious, so that's why I've decided to do them myself.
"Kieron is quite a vain boy and he is self-conscious about his acne - that was why he used sunbeds."
Venice is a self-conscious city built for display and there are more than 18 000 decorative balconies on the Grand Canal from which to admire Venice--or on which to be admired by people passing in boats.
If I am honest, she is looking chubby - but I don't want to make her self-conscious about her body.
is a genuine public sphere, characterized by self-conscious, open, and contentious political argument before a vast but discrete audience" (248).
Here one might note an indebtedness to Francis Bacon's flayed subjects; there a self-conscious nod to Hans Bellmer's fetishistic dolls, or Hannah Hoch's riotous collages, or Egon Schiele's raw draftsmanship, or Cindy Sherman's constructions of malleable identities.
Deborah, aged 36, who gave birth to Arthur two weeks ago, admits that when her older son Felix, now aged three, was a newborn, she felt self-conscious when she stopped to breastfeed in cafes, even though it can be done with complete discretion.
"Any woman my age is going to be self-conscious about their body."
For the rest of us, this book is worth exploring if you're curious, find satisfaction in pondering the puzzling relationship of art and meaning and are willing to put up with an undulating path that moves through self-conscious and sometimes thickly academic language to a clear and sometimes passionate appreciation of the music chosen for scrutiny.
His expression is natural and full of thought, instead of a self-conscious smile.