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This choice also serves as a departure from an analysis focusing primarily on the folk culture created by slaves to a self-consciously crafted elite-bourgeois intellectual movement created by free blacks in the antebellum North.
Many of the remaining essays are written, self-consciously, in a older critical mode.
Intermittent snippets of conversation suggesting rehearsal out-takes rang with a self-consciously clever sitcom snap, ultimately not terribly enlightening or deep.
At times self-consciously eccentric, A tout prendre is a cinema-verite psychodrama whose fans included John Cassavetes and Jean Renoir.
Situated in the midst of wilderness and dramatically poised on the crest of a red sandstone escarpment overlooking a river, Seidler's design asserts itself as a self-consciously Modern work, shaped as much by a global culture and technology as by the rugged landscape it inhabits so forcefully.
Dickerson self-consciously writes a story of her origins that is not the typical script of oppression and deprivation.
People can look right into the camera, as long as they aren't self-consciously posing.
As a Carnival novel, Solibo Magnificent self-consciously comments on the ever-slippery slopes of translation and interpretation on which the text, thanks to its translators, continues happily to slide.
The nativity scene deliberately and self-consciously brings together a Christian cosmic universe, the visible and the invisible, in a visual mosaic of the Incarnation.
It is narrated by Dennis, who is self-consciously "writing a novel" about his friends; of Guide, he says, "This is it.
Directed by Backbeat's Iain Softley, this fast-paced cyberthriller is occasionally confusing and a little too self-consciously hip.
Thus she sees the rise of modernism--in literature, music, and architecture--as a self-consciously masculine enterprise.