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Armstrong, take self-consciousness (or introspection) to be "a self-scanning process in the brain.
To guard and promote self-consciousness in its self-representational and pedagogical forms thus assures bourgeois ideology of its pregnancy.
Keep in mind that there are different ways to cope with this self-consciousness.
In fact, in ways that Bloom, de Man, and Greenblatt either do not recognize or do not acknowledge, all three replicate Hegel's characteristic way of interrelating the concepts of experience (that is, of the present) and self-consciousness (that is, in the present).
In this paper, the author examines the claim that self-consciousness is highly morally significant, such that the fact that an entity is self-conscious generates strong moral reasons against harming or killing that entity.
The content of the conscience and the conscience itself allow the division into subject and object, and then the conscience knows Itself as an object of the Self-consciousness.
Taken from a purely social point of view, the master-servant relationship would hardly explain Hegel's argument for the development of self-consciousness.
Furthermore, both philosophical and psychological theories suggest that self-consciousness has no function.
Inter alia, we focused on the role of consumer innovativeness and public self-consciousness in decisions to purchase, and pay premium prices for, green products.
China and the International Society: Adaptation and Self-Consciousness

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