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He was awakened from self-consciousness, but as he drew near, his eyes took on a strange expression.
This question of the nature of the object also affects the view we take of self-consciousness.
He sat there by the head of the old lady's couch, mild- voiced and quiet, with no more self-consciousness than a very small child, and with something of a child's charm - the appealing charm of trustfulness.
A rush of self-consciousness told him that he was besotted to have said all this.
The SQ contains 29 statements and measures 4 sub-scales: self-consciousness (10 statements), the significance of spiritual beliefs in life (4 statements), spiritual activities (6 statements) and spiritual needs (9 statements).
Part Six of her book deals with the first four chapters of the Phenomenology, which present Hegel's dialectical discussions of consciousness and the transition to self-consciousness, and then the development of self-consciousness and the transition to reason.
There has been significant work done in analytic philosophy on different facets of self-consciousness, but much of that work has remained thematically isolated and methodologically fragmented according to this special issue of Grazer Philosophische Studien, which seeks to overcome such separations by presenting ten articles exploring elements of the recent debates over the nature of self-consciousness.
All this background is important for understanding what is at stake in Hegel on Self-Consciousness, the work under review here.
Mutual recognition allows both self and the Other to have freedom and agency in the development and attainment of their own self-consciousness, in other words a cognitive awareness of the self and its relation to the Other (and also the world).
The Bulgarian Cultural Club in Skopje, an NGO, has started a campaign encouraging Macedonians with Bulgarian self-consciousness to declare themselves as Bulgarians during Macedonia's current census.
However, his case for a pre-resurrection Christ in the sense of Jesus' own self-consciousness will not convince skeptics.
To develop this argument, Donelan restricts the ambitions of German Romanticism, of Hegel and Holderlin's ontological and historical claims for aesthetics, allowing only for the autonomous creation of an artist's self-consciousness.

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