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Self-containment is out the window: Venetia Williams and Liam Treadwell share the moment
Crimson Gold'' is as much a warning about the dangers of self-containment as it is an expose of a dysfunctional society.
His appeal was intellectual, not personal, and his tendency to aloof self-containment would cause him to be strangely passive at the most inopportune time--when the presidency itself was hanging in the balance," Morris writes.
This modification of the Thomistic conception of magnanimity highlights the self-containment and self-sufficiency of Cartesian generosity.
The self-containment concept should also translate into reduced cost of ownership since the equipment is well-protected from the elements.
The upward class reorientation of the English theater was a process that was to unfold over several centuries; with Shakespeare's advocacy of "gentle" self-containment at the expense of Herod-like acting up in The Taming of the Shrew, we may recover an early, important chapter in this process.
Stockholm's withdrawn self-containment has elicited a polite dismissal to the margins of the post-war debate.
The streak of individualism that is an American characteristic, along with self-sufficiency, self-containment, self-discipline and independence.
The work opts for a surrealistic presentation of its story, that of the eminent and emotionally buttoned-down author Gustav von Aschenbach, who travels to Venice where he suddenly finds the walls of his self-containment crumbling and tumbles into a passionate obsession with the youth Tadzio whom he sees on the beach.
The Wood-Mizer mill's self-containment, efficiency and frugality is a godsend to underdeveloped areas of the world without roads to transport or energy networks to power heavy machinery.
The uniform access, self-containment, and upgrade capability features inherent to ActiveX technology provide third-party and end-user developers with open, standards-based controls to enable FileNet's Visual WorkFlo to be more quickly integrated into application development activities with a greatly reduced amount of expertise and coding.
Ultimately, the unit's self-containment, ease of relocation and compliance with all government protection and weapons storage requirements make it ideal for a number of military and other applications.

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