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In Manichaeism, Ahuramazda (spirit) is self-content and, therefore, passive.
Samsung is boosting self-content LED backlights in its LCD TVs and mobile phones.
The general director expects the EOL-Universal Cement partnership to further enhance the development of more ergonomic interactivity technologies, upgrade the self-content rate of flexible electronics materials and production equipment in Taiwan, and realize the establishment of the flexible-electronics industry on the island.
Tong Yang attributed its high earning growth to improved cost structure and upgraded profit margin achieved by raising self-content, plus lucrative rewards from its reinvested subsidiaries or joint ventures in China.
6, 2009 (CENS) -- The self-content rate in homegrown flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing equipment broke 50% in 2008 and is expected to aim for a new goal of more than 60%, or an annual production value of NT$51.
In order to upgrade the global competitiveness of the local FPD industry, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) under MOEA in 2006 began executing a plan to double the island's FPD-equipment self-content rate to help build panel supplier-centered supply chains in Taiwan.
Statistics showed that the self-content rate in the FPD manufacturing equipment in Taiwan was only 5.
The MOEA also aims to raise the self-content rate in key parts and materials to exceed 80% (generating an annual production value of more than NT$16.