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What better setting for the kind of everything-under-one-roof, joyfully self-contradicting, multiplex exhibitions that P.
Just these are the hallmarks of the postmodernism Jameson describes in Post-modernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (1984) - a culture or world in which identity is sited in discrete and often self-contradicting locations rather than centralized into a monolithic or superego-bound construct.
A word or group of words that is self-contradicting, as in bittersweet or plastic glass .
schizophrenic, self-contradicting figures of speech like a "thunderous silence," a "lead balloon," or a "cold war"?
This modification, that culture can determine social class, provides the foundation for a critique of the self-contradicting dichotomies historians such as Jacques Le Goff posit between exclusivist and inclusivist mentalities, between "class" mentalities and "unifying" mentalities.
It seems more than a conundrum; it seems to be a self-contradicting assertion.
In his dissenting view, Judge Al-Khasawneh argues that he finds the conclusions reached by majority of his colleagues, "unpersuasive, self-contradicting, result oriented, and in many respects cavalier, insufficiently critical, and unsupported by evidence, and indeed flying in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence.
Bush will come at you from all sides and brand you as a weak-kneed, self-contradicting Massachusetts liberal who cannot be trusted.
As the controlling I/eye of authoritarian government and ideologies, Shaun-as-Lewis enters the Wake as "a version of [Lewis's] own self-contradicting protagonists" (p.