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If, as the dictum asserts, "all existential statements can be denied without self-contradiction," the statement, "nothing exists"--meaning thereby that no thing exists or all things are absent--is also possibly true.
Can the mind, which is so full of knowledge, self-importance, self-contradiction, and all the rest of it, come to a point where it finds itself psychologically unable to move?
The Scandal of Self-Contradiction: Pasolini's Multistable Subjectivities, Traditions, Geographies testifies to this and offers a series of compelling interpretations of Pasolini's frequent encounters with both the origins of Western culture and non-European traditions.
She describes Friedman's "failure to keep abreast of his own views on certain issues," and his "institutionalized habit of self-contradiction."
2) is energised by the spirit of self-contradiction that Lewis made into a Vorticist principle of his own.
And so, in a massive sulk at a world which had led her to believe that she had deserved a life of constant attention to her needs; her mind tossed about by spite, self-contradiction and chaotic logic, she left the confessional, having cleansed herself of a load of bitterness and hate.
Witnesses to a miracle had to respond to a set questionnaire, designed to elicit the precise circumstances of the event and to permit the papal commissioners to detect self-contradiction, or discrepancies between witnesses.
A statement M-implies another statement whenever denying the second statement and assenting to the first statement would result in self-contradiction. For example, there is no logical contradiction in assenting to the uniformity of nature while denying one can tell whether or not it is true (a la David Hume); however, assenting to the uniformity of nature does M-imply that one believes that this uniformity truly obtains (24).
It is generally believed that the major cause for our national woes and miseries is corrupt, unimaginative, wishy-washy and namby-pamby leadership, which has been a victim of self-contradiction, self-abnegation and self-abasement in its thoughts and actions.
Arguing against David Hume and contemporary skeptics, he treats wide-ranging topics including Moore's paradox regarding logical self-contradiction, Wittgenstein-influenced views on the meaning of facts, the classic Problem of Induction, and consciousness-less (as in socio- and psychopaths).
To state that in stricter terms: this study showed that Korzybski's premises appear not-discredited on logical grounds, and free of self-contradiction (so long as we continue to regard set theory as free of self-contradiction).
"Aside from being total lies and intrigues, Gonzales and Razon's statements are full of self-contradiction, and only reveal the utter desperation they and their US and Malacanang [presidential palace] bosses have turned to in their failure to stem the growth and advance of the Party and the revolutionary movement under its leadership," said yesterday's CPP statement.