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That suffices to show them as free of self-contradiction, as long as its exponents continue to regard set theory as free of self-contradiction.
It emphasizes the self-contradiction in denying an ought-statement, i.
Professor Nagel's conscience was able to stretch back seven years to catch on a self-contradiction, but in all the media coverage I read of the ads by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in August--coverage that was almost nonexistent until Kerry realized he had to answer them--I didn't notice anyone who could even remember as far back as seven months.
Because self-contradiction seems so persuasive and important in the Diamond Sutra many who have studied it, especially in the last one hundred years, regard it as one of the "keys" to the work.
Oates and Goelzer's self-contradiction undermines their entire analysis, and their individual arguments do not fare much better.
Strangelove, noting that his book is "mired in self-contradiction," and continuing, "The faults of this book are legion, so there is space to concentrate only on the most egregious.
Thus, despite some useful passages in his book, it is frequently marred by social-science jargon, self-contradiction, factual error, the omission of pertinent data, and the misappropriation of the findings of other scholars.
But his gloating over the demise of the pools, which previous passing remarks of his suggest he sees as run by old fogeys for older ones, was a kind of self-contradiction.
There is a self-contradiction in saying I want dialogue, and using that dialogue to proclaim my absolute truth," Gross said.
Provocative self-contradiction and purposeful ambiguity, not coherency, are their main staging objectives.
This could cause education to run into conflicting circumstances and perhaps even into self-contradiction.
Lott's delicate position between the new labor history and its critics leads him to qualify his most bold propositions, but this negotiation and seeming self-contradiction was precisely (as Lott shows) the position of the antebellum minstrel.