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If, as the dictum asserts, "all existential statements can be denied without self-contradiction," the statement, "nothing exists"--meaning thereby that no thing exists or all things are absent--is also possibly true.
support for Israel, Fernandez critically says "History may yet produce a term along the lines of "schizophrenia" to signify self-contradiction, selective memory, and failure to integrate one's thoughts.
That suffices to show them as free of self-contradiction, as long as its exponents continue to regard set theory as free of self-contradiction.
Aside from being total lies and intrigues, Gonzales and Razon's statements are full of self-contradiction, and only reveal the utter desperation they and their US and Malacanang [presidential palace] bosses have turned to in their failure to stem the growth and advance of the Party and the revolutionary movement under its leadership," said yesterday's CPP statement.
ultimate foundation is not possible by deduction but by transcendental reflection on the presuppositions of actual thought that cannot be denied without committing a performative self-contradiction.
Other known side effects include pandering fever, severe bouts of self-contradiction, and a temporary lack of faith in free trade.
Sometimes he takes Chekhov, a man prone to self-contradiction, too much at face value.
I guess that's human nature--and exactly the kind of self-contradiction that would have amused him.
If Either-Or starts by asserting decision as the identical power of the self, it ends with the edifying statement that 'in relation to God we are always in the wrong' (SV2 II 366/ KW IV 339), so that 'the highest expression of an ethical view of life is repentance and I must always repent--but precisely this is a the self-contradiction of the ethical' (Pap IV A 112/JP1 902).
26) From citizens paying taxes to America's own economic practices, Fosdick believed no persons could avoid self-contradiction in attempting to dissociate themselves completely from war.
Il semble par ailleurs qu'Irvine se soit offert comme un observatoire eclaire des phenomenes futuristes : " Irvine appeared to us a remarkable example of American corporate futurism in ail complexities and self-contradiction, and our collective experience of the place served as a jumping-off point for many of our reflection " (p.
As a "cultural critique of contemporary Western society" with its emphasis on language and cognition, this book uses language ambiguously and sometimes in self-contradiction (6).