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Chapter 6 brings us to the objection to the A-theory known as McTaggart's Paradox, which seeks to show that an A-series of events is self-contradictory or leads to a vicious infinite regress of A-theoretic determinations.
Donald Dewar's attitude becomes increasingly self-contradictory.
The presidential orders directed Lebed, who has long criticized the Russian war in the secessionist southern republic of Chechnya, to carry out a self-contradictory plan that would insure that the war intensified.
Contrast this with the self-contradictory view of cultural knowledge prevailing in our own country.
Rachel seems to know this intuitively from early in the play's action, and yet she continues to struggle determinedly with a series of self-contradictory impulses.
Islamabad, Sep 21 (ANI): Pakistani ministers have criticised the government's decision to restrict their foreign tours in the name of austerity, terming the new policy "ambiguous, self-contradictory and stringent," demanding flexibility and clarity in it.
They amuse us because very often their advice is unfounded and self-contradictory.
He said most of them were prejudiced or incoherent or self-contradictory, trying to save themselves from going to jail or reducing their sentence.
Invoking the ambiguity of the phenomenon as he had constructed it--not unlike in his openly self-contradictory (though in some ways seminal) essay of 1927, "Die Photographie"--Kracauer relied on formulaic arrangements of concepts to set up general cultural correspondences.
That self-contradictory notion of death was immediately adopted by those who promoted organ harvesting and transplantation, and has been used ever since then in an attempt morally to justify these procedures despite the fact that there is still no agreement that the argument is valid.
from the outset, not by any immanent criticism but by our unreflecting acceptance of the self-contradictory principle that all thought is related to a specific age and has no grasp of reality beyond that age.
In their view, it is epistemologically self-contradictory to deny that reality can be known or that empirical knowledge opens into an affirmation of the transcendent.