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At first Edgar Caswall was courteous and polite, even thoughtful; but after a little while, when he found her resistance to his domination grow, he abandoned all forms of self-control and appeared in the same dominance as he had previously shown.
All the honest blood of womanhood, the strong New England blood of liberty, flushed to her cheeks, and throbbed bitterly in her indignant heart; but, with habitual prudence and self-control, she mastered herself, and, crushing the paper firmly in her hand, she merely said to Rosa,
For in that sad yet happy hour, she had learned not only the bitterness of remorse and despair, but the sweetness of self-denial and self-control, and led by her mother's hand, she had drawn nearer to the Friend who always welcomes every child with a love stronger than that of any father, tenderer than that of any mother.
She had the quick, impulsive movements of her mother, the lips parting often to speak, and closing again; and the dark oval eyes of her father brimming with light upon a basis of sadness, or, since she was too young to have acquired a sorrowful point of view, one might say that the basis was not sadness so much as a spirit given to contemplation and self-control.
I felt that she was possessed by some shapeless dread which robbed her of all self-control.
There is a noble and lofty pathos in the close of Caponsacchi's statement, an artless and manly break from his self-control throughout, that seems to me the last possible effect in its kind; and Pompilia's story holds all of womanhood in it, the purity, the passion, the tenderness, the helplessness.
I wondered whether I should preserve my self-control, in the presence of that man, for the second time.
Macallan the elder gave her answers with remarkable dignity and self-control.
She has found that a student's self-control predicts report-card grades better than measured intelligence.
In the 1970s, a psychologist at Stanford University called Walter Mischel conducted an experiment to understand self-control amongst children.
20 (ANI): Ever wondered, why do some people seem locked in a lifelong battle for self-control while others are so self-disciplined - impervious to overeating, overspending or binge-watching TV shows when they feel pressured?
Working from an individual-differences perspective, self-control has been shown to predict behavioral outcomes in contexts such as health (Imhoff, Schmidt, & Gerstenberg, 2014; Schroder, Ollis, & Davies, 2013), education (Tangney, Baumeister, & Boone, 2004), and crime (Moffitt et al.