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Through her foster parents' acceptance and kindness, the self-critical voice within her began to quiet down.
In addition, high scores on the Self-Critical Perfectionism scale predicted higher depression scores on the DASS, wrote Dr.
Given his description of cultural studies' striving for reflexivity, a more self-critical critique would have been expected.
At the heart of this most remarkably fastidious and self-critical of composer's music was Gregorian chant.
For instance, giving a presentation, interviewing for a job, and inviting someone on a date are all common situations that will likely cause a person to feel more self-aware and sometimes self-critical (cf.
The "novel" is a questionable genre to depict national "unity" if it is seen as essentially self-critical, and the self-conscious fictionality Hampton finds in certain texts hardly "resolves" tensions, as he claims, as it is inherently unstable and raises questions for the identity of its self and of the nation it supposedly reflects.
No-one could accuse Maguire of being overly self-critical.
Here, too, I think there is something important to be discovered in the poems that Amiri Baraka wrote during that moment--precisely because so many of these poems are intensely personal, mercilessly introspective, and more self-critical than dictatorial.
It calls for a creative rechanneling of Captain America's impulse to 'fight for right' toward a religious commitment that is shaped both by self-critical questioning and a sense of hope about the possibilities for peace.
I didn't quite get my best shots off,'' confessed a self-critical Arthur, who followed in the footsteps of the 1958 Empire Games champion Howard Winstone when he triumphed in Manchester.