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it is a practice that can help us all become less self-critical and perhaps even achieve more and give more.
Because established legal privileges provide insufficient protection for companies, many commentators have suggested application of the self-critical analysis privilege.
Perfectionists may become even more self-critical, trying to avoid mistakes that might draw attention to themselves.
He discovers talents he had forgotten he had, especially his drawing ability, and he also becomes more compassionate and less self-critical.
These words make clear that the critical wisdom expressed in this biblical book is also self-critical.
The state broadcaster--which just breathed a sigh of relief that the popularity of "Super Girls," the talent show that was a ratings winner on private TV last year, is now on the wane--has even begun holding internal seminars teaching producers to be self-critical and on the lookout for lowbrow content.
In the second study, while I did not seek out external criticism, the journal reviewers' comments on the first draft of the research report set in motion a further, and more self-critical round of reflection.
In a study of 190 psychiatric outpatients, high scores on two newly developed perfection measures--the Self-Critical Perfectionism scale and the Evaluative Concerns Perfectionism scale--predicted significantly higher anxiety scores on the Depression and Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS).
He urges the group to be more transparent in dealings with others and in identifying its operations and reporting its finances, to collaborate with other Catholic groups, whose liberal tendencies Opus Dei has long resisted, and to become more open and self-critical.
Every campaign we are engaged in, we are going into it with a self-critical eye as to what will allow us to be more useful to the community with each coming election.
One important yet overlooked resource to which interfaith educators should look as they endeavor to create self-critical interfaith pedagogy is the pedagogical approach known as "critical pedagogy.