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In brief, self-criticism was highly significantly more present in clinical versus basic science, according to each observer.
Protestants above all should cherish the never-ending necessity of self-criticism.
Their argument couples two positions: 1) "Comparative irrealism" accepts that no normative property shared by conflicting normative outlooks exists that allows their ranking, and 2) just because such comparisons cannot utterly discredit one outlook over the other, still, internal self-criticism allows for evaluation and change.
Those who perceive our good-willed recommendations and proposals, and constructive criticisms as an intervention in internal affairs should make a self-criticism first," Erdogan said during his party's gathering at parliament.
Instead of self-criticism, we discredited ourselves," said Biljali.
In a remarkable bout of self-criticism, Reynders also said, "Europeans are partly responsible for the situation" because they let Greece into the eurozone in 2001 despite knowing that Athens had cheated on its public accounts.
Summary: The Syrian regime is conducting self-criticism based on a comprehensive national dialogue that will lead to reforms and more justice and unity to face major challenges, according to Syria's ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abdel-Karim Ali.
Many people believe that intentionally raised self-esteem and its flip-side, self-criticism, are crucial to living a better life, but research by Neff and others strongly suggests that approach puts people on an emotional roller coaster, rising and falling with each success and failure.
April 13 is a pause for self-criticism and a personal accountability for every citizen regardless of the position he is in, be he a politician, a cleric, a journalist, a worker or an artist," it said.
Because the mind-body connection is so strong, harsh self-criticism can prevent you from moving forward with technique and artistry--and take all the joy away from learning.
Are the men at the top of the Islamic finance tree engaging in self-criticism and calls for rejuvenation?
However, he said that this goal requires a lot of hard work and self-criticism by all the Balkan countries and added that they should stop demanding money from the EU.