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These are but few facts, among multitudes which might be adduced, to show the self-denial, energy, patience, and honesty, which the slave has exhibited in a state of freedom.
Talent has been developed, which, considering the circumstances, is certainly remarkable; and, for moral traits of honesty, kindness, tenderness of feeling,--for heroic efforts and self-denials, endured for the ransom of brethren and friends yet in slavery,--they have been remarkable to a degree that, considering the influence under which they were born, is surprising.
Julia was sensibly touched with his distress, and for an instant there was some regret mingled with self- satisfaction at her own candour--but then the delightful reflection soon presented itself of the gratitude of Antonio when he learnt her generous conduct, and her self-denial in favour of a man whom she had as yet never seen.
His expensiveness is acknowledged even by himself, and his whole conduct declares that self-denial is a word hardly understood by him.
If any doubt the accuracy of this assertion, as inferring more conscientious self-denial or Scipio-like self-control than they feel disposed to give me credit for, let them take into consideration the following circumstances, which, while detracting from my merit, justify my veracity.
Waste forces within him, and a desert all around, this man stood still on his way across a silent terrace, and saw for a moment, lying in the wilderness before him, a mirage of honourable ambition, self-denial, and perseverance.
It would have surpassed the powers of self-denial to keep me in the back-ground on such an occasion; and Julia, having first cleared the way by owning her folly to a very indulgent father, and a very tormenting brother, determined nobly to bring me out, let the effect on Betts Shoreham be what it might.
They fell to work to cut it up; yet exerted a remarkable self-denial for men in their starving condition, for they contented themselves for the present with a soup made from the bones, reserving the flesh for future repasts.
Her disposition was naturally easy and indolent, like Lady Bertram's; and a situation of similar affluence and do-nothingness would have been much more suited to her capacity than the exertions and self-denials of the one which her imprudent marriage had placed her in.
The faithfuls are also encouraged to go to confession, to perform acts of charity, self-denial, and penance, and to visit the adoration chapel aside from the customary practices done during Lent such as prayer, alms-giving, and missionary work.
US President Donald Trump addressed the people with deeply religious words about human self-denial, sacrifice and compassion, giving a number of examples of everyday life in which these states of the human spirit were triumphant.
After you bowed and laid a flower of love, honour, and respect to the place of your colleagues' sacrifice, and after you were taught dedication to the duty and self-denial, love for humans and country, self-sacrifice and heroism, I wish you a good and safe career," the chief said in a message.