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She has never felt at ease with her faction's modest, self-denying lifestyle, and when she takes the test, her results prove inconclusive, suggesting she's equally adept at three different skillsets.
February is often the month we feel most in need of extra cheer, especially if January was spent dieting, self-denying and drying-out after the festive excesses, so arrangements for a meal out take on an extra air of excitement.
New high-resolution observations with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory reveal why emission from the Milky Way's supermassive black hole is fainter than it should be: like a maniacal self-denying dieter, the black hole is throwing over its shoulder almost all of the feast set before it.
A pope with warped religious beliefs, with no infallible knowledge of right and wrong, who regards self-denying virtue as unnecessary in this so-called modern age, and who regards giving away other people's money and selling future generations into debt bondage as charity?
At one point in Eugene Lim's portmanteau novel, a character describes an avant-garde filmmaker's late work as "mysterious, self-erasing, self-denying narratives.
The fiscal cliff America is facing, however, is a self-denying prophecy: Lack of market pressure places the crisis firmly in the policy realm, where political incentives virtually ensure that the United States will avoid driving off the cliff.
You simply aim too high, become too pure, and get caught in self-denying practices, and then over time become an unworldly, spiritually anxious person.
I had taken a self-denying ordinance over his demise at the weekend from osophageal cancer on the grounds that one should not speak ill of the recently dead and there would be nothing good to say about him considering the circumstances.
Furthermore, if Shakespeare was emotionally stimulated by the newer, pan-European and aesthetically self-denying Catholicism advanced by the English seminary priests in his generation, critics have yet to find how.
It's a self-denying prophecy: We can't make the right decisions without the experience, and getting the experience means we need to be making the right decisions.
Jack Churchill receives more attention than in earlier accounts and is rightly given credit for his self-denying efforts to deal with the family's embarrassed finances.
Commenting on terrorism issue as well, Erdogan said it was a self-denying attitude of several political parties which pointed at the terrorist organization PKK or its head terrorist as the address for freedom and peace.