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He said the recruits will learn that self-discipline is the first step towards leadership, and now they are ready to step to the front of groups and assign those tasks to others.
At the most fundamental level, well-designed sport activities that incorporate the best values of sport - self-discipline, respect for ones opponent, fair play, teamwork, and adherence to mutually agreed upon rules - help individuals to build the values and communication skills necessary to prevent and resolve conflict in their own lives.
When you speak to them, they come across as being much older than their age, and this is a result of the self-discipline they have developed while learning karate," he said.
He said that he thinks that if mindfulness can improve mental clarity, focus and self-discipline, then it might be useful in a variety of settings and for a variety of goals.
The ability to be honest requires the self-discipline to tell the truth, even when the truth will hurt you.
SIR - Your correspondent Mr Harry Lewis (Letters, September 14) has the admirable morality to speak out against mass unemployment for our children in this distorted economy and suggests, instead, the introduction of a peaceful National Service for the younger generation, paid by the public purse, to give our children a sense of self-discipline and purpose in their lives.
We can see the benefits of having our brave men and women play a role within our education system as they know all about self-discipline and teamwork.
These results imply that poor self-control seen in impulsiveness and lower self-discipline was most important for eating due to negative emotions as well as in response to external food stimuli, suggesting that the inhibition of eating and difficulties to govern ones behavior are major aspects of these eating behaviors.
Discipline - and more usually self-discipline - is at its core.
Self-discipline is an invaluable trait, but so many lack it.
To my mind, discipline, enforced if necessary, leads to self-discipline in later life.
The psychologist said: "Learning magic requires self-discipline, an understanding of how other people think and an ability to entertain.