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Girls are emotionally more secure and are more self-disciplined as compared to boys.
We find this requires students to engage in self-disciplined, selfmonitored, and self-corrective thinking, which are important aspects of critical thinking as presented in the NCECT framework.
Caught in the middle of this change was the militia opposed to the emperor, the Shinsen-gumi, a ragtag but fiercely self-disciplined band of samurai whose code of conduct was so strict, one could get one's head lopped off for borrowing money.
In Kid Cooperation, Pantley offers workable tools for remaining calm and in control while raising happy, self-disciplined children.
The Son in Paradise Regained becomes the model of the self-disciplined subject who never consents with his spirit, although Satan controls his body.
Your ``softer skills'' are also important to bring up, especially if you are a good communicator, problem solver and are self-disciplined.
We'll ask her, `What happens here to produce such caring and self-disciplined children?