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1) For Attridge, Coetzee's reliance on the third person and the present tense reads as an attempt to pre-empt the problem of cynical self-doubt he would otherwise face in writing an autobiographical account of his life.
I think every cricketer has some self-doubt at some stage in their careers - some have it all the way through.
Wales have fallen into a pit of self-doubt," said Harrison, who won 34 caps in the green and gold since making his debut against the Lions.
She suffered self-doubt and anguish, felt lonely and inadequate, I didn't really understand much about the system .
Two years ago, Sheraun Britton-Parris struggled with self-doubt.
Confronting visitors to the second floor was The Grass-Eater, 1997-2005, Thierry de Cordier's tumor as lawn ornament--a five-foot-high rump of wood, rubber, blankets, and half a zinc bathtub, built by the artist in his rural Belgian garden and installed alongside wall texts racked with self-doubt.
The 'secret' strategies imparted here have been tested by time and aim to allow the reader to thwart self-doubt, guilt, depression and more.
If I were burdened not just with work responsibilities but also with the loneliness and self-doubt of a lifetime of being told I was evil for being gay, how much more appealing would that magic powder seem?
As an adult, he struggled with creative blocks, depression, and alcoholism and was torn with self-doubt.
Hampered by self-doubt and the effects of two decades in a slave camp, the new pontiff must negotiate a peace between the world's warring superpowers while struggling to keep the church from being torn apart by its struggles with modernity.
A story sure to delight young teenagers, Kitchen Sink Concert raises issues with which they'll be able to identify-- boyfriend problems, fitting in, self-doubt.