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Gellar is appealing as the self-doubting Amanda; Flanery, who used to portray the young Indiana Jones, sometimes resembles the young Laurence Harvey without the unwaveringly confident ophidian charm, and the food looks luscious.
Despite intense publicity before the fall season, the drama about a self-doubting idealist who leaves home to attend college in New York City hasn't become a huge mainstream hit, but it is incredibly popular with college-age TV viewers, especially women.
A week after ABC began ``Nothing Sacred,'' a television series about a somewhat hip and self-doubting Roman Catholic priest, the show has lost sponsors following a campaign led by a Catholic group.
Known in ``Trek'' lore as the inventor of warp drive and, thus, the man responsible for humans' first contact with friendly aliens, Cochrane turns out to be a self-doubting drunkard (he's played by James Cromwell, the funny farmer from ``Babe'').