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This agenda of self-effacement, of empowering his films' subjects with narrative authority, is most noticeable in the films that he has made with Aboriginal people.
That tension Sobolev summarizes in this key passage: "Hopkins's poems combine the most orthodox doxological statements with apparent heterodoxy, rationalism with mysticism, complex religious philosophy with metaphysical indeterminacy, divine immanence with 'the disappearance of God,' the self-projection of meditation with the self-effacement of contemplation, the Scotist univocity of being with the Thomistic analogous structure of the universe, moments of symbolic revelation with the chains of allegorical disruption, ecstatic declarations of faith with bouts of loneliness and inner emptiness, and the excesses of happiness with those of despair" (p.
After the 1985 uprising, the party introduced this new political leader for the first time in a rally at Khartoum University; many people admired his political humor, wit and self-effacement.
The aim is "to raise awareness," as the fund's website declares with modesty verging on global self-effacement.
Successful moderation requires a light @@@touch and a heavy dose of tact, empathy, patience and self-effacement.
In an admiring review of "Postwar," The New Yorker's Louis Menand noted that the book's strength was inseparable "from the personality of its author, who does not count self-effacement a literary virtue.
It would appear that Amstell's self-effacement is also, like his on-screen cockiness, an act.
The USA and the EU have called for self-effacement on all sides.
In essence, a more explicit choice between self-interest and self-effacement is necessary.
His winning smile and giggling shrugs suggest self-effacement, but the appearance is deceiving.
Fortunately, the fundamental dignity and self-effacement of those closely associated with the Grand National winner ensured the big moments were appropriately conveyed, but the overall editorial approach left a great deal to be desired - from the perspective of my sofa, at least.
In reply to the letter of resignation, the King hailed RifaiAAEs Aotrue national belonging, dedication and capacity to shoulder the trust and opt for achievement with wisdom, political shrewdness, self-effacement, altruism and decencyAo