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But it was not so long ago that communicators mainly wore shades of corporate blue and gray, in their roles as the self-effacing press contact or the industrial editor.
Alexander Shaumyan's trademark is wry or self-effacing humor, heart rending psalms of loneliness and love, and cynical commentaries on modern times.
Lewis's skill, as Evans rightly notes, lay in "his sensuous and civilized descriptions, his poker-faced wit" and in his fluid, self-effacing style.
Add this to ample blood-squirting, a song-and-dance number a la Andrew Lloyd Webber, plus a theme song, "Everybody Gets Laid Tonight," which should've won a Genie, and the result is the most self-effacing Canuck camp since Chris Windsor's 1983 unheralded Big Meat Eater.
His Beatitudes speak of a self-giving, self-effacing,and self sacrificing attitude to life.
Unlike the self-effacing Tarbell, Brimelow overreaches with his rhetoric, distracting from and often obscuring his message.
The reason he was not inclined to engage in charming, self-effacing humor on this subject was that he was simply not willing to concede the point.
Uncharacteristically self-effacing for a blogger, Sanchez describes his Notes from the Underground (accessible at www.
Fairly soon, press stories appear about how the self-effacing official is actually an awesome figure of near-historic proportions behind the scenes.
It is time that people like you were acknowledged as self-effacing heroes.
To travel across India, as I have during twelve visits, is to get to know and appreciate the quantity and quality of the work done by Mother Teresa and her self-effacing nuns, many of whom come from India's finest homes and families.