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If there is one positive point that emerges from The Architext, it lies in Genette's emphasis on the fact that even the most self-effacingly flexible and empirical approach to the classification of genres will depend on the theorist or historian's recognition and acceptance of category-defining constants, whether relatively constant ones, belonging to the longue duree of a genre-system, or outright transhistorical ones, like the various linguistic modes.
But Sawyer and her ilk aren't really predators--after all, as she announced self-effacingly on the cover of TV Guide, "The truth is, I'm a wimp.
The tedious task of assembling these suggestions from diverse and often obscure sources has been painstakingly and self-effacingly accomplished.
What this undeniably great conductor achieved with the most empowering, understated direction in Wagner's epic 'Parsifal' at Symphony Hall on Good Friday was nothing short of breathtaking, and yet, in the face of a huge standing ovation, he stood self-effacingly to one side, quietly smiling at a job superlatively done, as others took the applause.
As he self-effacingly reminded us on that occasion, today is the day Mr Blair breaks Clement Attlee's record for the longest continuous period in office by a Labour Prime Minister.
Self-effacingly, Sir Michael said that this must be his fault.
Almost single-handedly, Glennie has redefined the genre and self-effacingly concedes that her ceaseless pounding of the publicity gavel has hopefully altered the public's general perception of percussion.
Well," says Potts self-effacingly, "that was in a year when we had just started building superstores.
What they'll find is that Zen is every bit as heroic and self-effacingly humorous as any human hero.
to commit troops to Bosnia and Somalia, so now it self-effacingly waits for U.
For me it was the highlight of the evening, especially when they self-effacingly acknowledged the 85-year old composer's physical frailty by leaving the platform at the end to embrace him in the auditorium.
Kelly was right when he self-effacingly called "Rain" "the first high camp picture ever made.