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1) None of the moral intuitions that Kaspar regards as self-evident truths is self-evident.
For the third time, all of these are old and enduring self-evident facts.
Self-evident Solutions for America is available for purchase online from the publisher, Amazon.
Lindbeck and Theimann "take seriously the mediation of all knowing" (49) while they eschew foundationalism, that is, the belief that theology can begin with a self-evident philosophic premise.
The picture will make it self-evident how this works, and Dutch researchers claim an experiment with a similar gadget reduced cleaning around toilets by 80%.
Journalist, novelist and screenwriter, Lyda Phillips is an obviously accomplished writer with a self-evident mastery of the storytelling arts and her novel should be a part of every school and community library collection of YA fiction.
The urgent need for Americans to understand the basic beliefs and history of Islam has been self-evident since the beginning of the conflict established by radical Islamists attacking the United States with such devastating consequences on September 11, 2001.
Among the various philosophical, theological, and dogmatic articles condemned by Tempier was counted one that dealt with this issue of self-evidence, for the bishop proscribed the position "[t]hat nothing is to be held that is not either self-evident or able to be proven from what is self-evident" (quod nihil est credendum, nisi per se notum vel ex per se notis posit declari).
He linked intelligent design to the Declaration of Independence, which mentions a "Creator" and said, "Our inalienable rights are based on the self-evident truth of those endowed inalienable rights.
Jefferson didn't believe these were self-evident but merely stated so for purposes of the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident.
Once it becomes clear that no customer buys hours, it is self-evident that pricing by the hour is precisely the wrong measurement to establish the value provided to the customer.
It is taken as self-evident that factory production will lead to better and cheaper products.