self-evident proposition

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Perhaps these philosophers think that a self-evident proposition must be obvious, and note that reflective, thoughtful people would not disagree about something that is obvious.
11) Can we say that my believing a self-evident proposition, together with that proposition's being true, yields knowledge?
Often, dialectical arguments can be advanced either for or against putatively self-evident propositions.
One may ask: why is it the case that the cognition of the self-evident proposition requires that one cognize the terms?
What is distinctive about a self-evident proposition in itself is that it contains all of the evidence needed to be justified in believing it.
The case for intuitions of self-evident propositions is strong' (188).
Then, the idea that cricket has unique 'virtues' and that these correspond to 'typically English virtues' would seem anything but the self-evident propositions that they were to Toyne.
But understanding was traditionally supposed to be the basis for recognition of the truth of self-evident propositions.
The pity is that it is long on self-evident propositions and short on data.
But "self-evident" also suggests a stronger sense, in which self-evident propositions are essentially evidence.
The similarity between mathematical knowledge and moral knowledge, then, is that both are of self-evident propositions.
In sum, the book is a very fine presentation of an important topic and will be useful for all Thomistic scholars as well as anyone concerned with the notion of self-evident propositions.